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Joe is the owner of Right Trac Financial Group in Manchester, CT. He protects the best interest of each and every borrower by qualifying them for a home and a mortgage payment they can afford.

The Responsibility of, I TRUST JOE

I learned to word trust and what it means early on in my childhood. My parents used to use the statement, “Don’t dirty the steps to this home”. That was there was to teach us, the only thing you can consider yours, is your “WORD”, without that, you have nothing.

I never forgot that lesson of trust and keeping your word, so when you have earned someone’s trust never take it for granted or take advantage of it.
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Leads off my website

All of my blogging drives a lot of folks to my website. There are a number of places that will allow someone to fill out a very brief form. I’m am not looking for any detailed information, but require a name, phone or email.

As soon as I receive their inquiry, I respond by thanking them and asking if it is best for them if we communicate by phone or email. There is no clear cut response, so I am seeing about 50/50. Not sure why I am surprised, but the response back is extremely high, would guess 90%.

The folks that request a phone conversation are normally looking for immediate response and the folks that want some email conversation, it becomes a longer process or what I call the dance.

Before I started asking about the best way of communication, my conversation rate was poor or what I consider poor, one in ten would turn into new business, however once I changed my asking them for the best way they want to communicate, my numbers changed dramatically.

Do you get leads off your website? What kind of conversation rate are you getting?

With expert help problems have a way of turning into solutions

Brigitte DiBenedetto from iGRAFIX creative solutions gave the CT Valley BNI group a very informative presentation on logos at our weekly meeting of this week. We learned how important logos can be, and how to avoid a logo design that might not be the best representation of your business or organization. We also learned about some of the behind the scenes processes used to make your logo and how to translate your brand to the Internet. Making sure that the details, resolution and coding are all correct and optimized so that your information can be viewed on a PC, tablet or smartphone are just some of the services Brigitte provides when you become a client of hers. We also learned about keeping your presence on the web in the forefront by putting fresh, new content on the website, through blogging and updating with new pictures or press releases. Brigitte is our social media guru and we have seen our BNI group flourish on the web and reach out across America because of what she has taught us on how to properly leverage our presence on the internet. Whether it is print or online, Brigitte and iGRAFIX can help you create a memorable logo and help you build a website for your business. They are an award winning company that is committed to your success.

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good logo design
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