My experience as a new CT Valley BNI member

Since beginning my career as a Real Estate Agent I have been told by several people that I “needed” to join a BNI group. “BNI” I thought??? I honestly didn’t know enough about it to form an educated opinion on whether or not it would be worth my time and the commitment. The night before my first “visit” I must’ve come up with a hundred reasons as to why I shouldn’t bother attending the next morning. Thankfully, I talked myself out of the excuses and forced myself to take the first step by going to see firsthand what it was all about. 

Let me just say that what I experienced during my first visit was absolutely nothing close to what I had envisioned. I was received with a warm friendly welcome by everyone attending. They were eager to know who I was, what I did, and really took the time to make me feel comfortable. It was a fun yet professional and productive meeting. It didn’t take me long at all to figure out the purpose and value of BNI nor did it take me long to become incredibly excited at the prospect of being part of this phenomenal group. I am priviledged and honored to say that I am a part of this chapter! I have already learned so much from other members, received and have given several referrals, and have had the opportunity to begin to develop professional relationships. The experience so far has been invaluable. I am sincerely looking forward to watching not only our businesses grow but also our chapter! 

Being Part of My BNI Group for 16 Years

I have given out a few thousand referrals to members of our group over the years, but am not totally sure how many referral I have received. In 2012 I closed 31 mortgages as a result of referrals I received, in 2013 I closed 34 mortgages and as of this writing I have closed 21 mortgages so far this year.

I consider BNI one of my best clients. It is always hard for me to understand how everyone in business wouldn’t want to be part of a BNI group. If you aren’t already in one, why don’t you start your own BNI group? One thing is for sure, I certainly wouldn’t be in my BNI group for this many years if it didn’t make financial sense.

If you have any questions about Connecticut Valley BNI, how and why it works or any related questions, contact me at or 860 647-7701 x116.

being part of BNI

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