Looking for a few good business people…

Are you a business owner or professional located in the Greater Hartford area looking to expand your business? Stop by and meet established business owners and professionals for open networking. We generated $900,000+ over the past 2 years in revenue for our members. But we have more referrals to give and we would like you to come see for yourself how great our chapter is, so that we can pass those referrals to you!

The Responsibility of, I TRUST JOE

I learned to word trust and what it means early on in my childhood. My parents used to use the statement, “Don’t dirty the steps to this home”. That was there was to teach us, the only thing you can consider yours, is your “WORD”, without that, you have nothing.

I never forgot that lesson of trust and keeping your word, so when you have earned someone’s trust never take it for granted or take advantage of it.
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