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How to leverage Linkedin

Joe Petrowsky, owner of Right Trac Financial Group, gave his 10 minute member presentation on October 1, 2014. The topic was “How to leverage your Linkedin identity.”

The purpose of the 10 minute presentation is to educate, motivate, or train the other members of the group and Joe did a great job with that, thank you Joe! Social media is an important part of a company’s marketing strategy and an active social media campaign could help reach its marketing goals.


Being Part of My BNI Group for 16 Years

I have given out a few thousand referrals to members of our group over the years, but am not totally sure how many referral I have received. In 2012 I closed 31 mortgages as a result of referrals I received, in 2013 I closed 34 mortgages and as of this writing I have closed 21 mortgages so far this year.

I consider BNI one of my best clients. It is always hard for me to understand how everyone in business wouldn’t want to be part of a BNI group. If you aren’t already in one, why don’t you start your own BNI group? One thing is for sure, I certainly wouldn’t be in my BNI group for this many years if it didn’t make financial sense.

If you have any questions about Connecticut Valley BNI, how and why it works or any related questions, contact me at or 860 647-7701 x116.

being part of BNI

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