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Mortgage broker for over 30 years. Offering Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, FHA 203 K, VA, USDA, Reverse and Commercial mortgages.

We always want to make sure everyone that wants to own a home, can do so. To make sure that anyone that wants to buy a home, can and if the home needs to be renovated, a mortgage can be obtained to accomplish that goal as well.

We want to make sure that when someone wants to refinance their home can do so, because the numbers make sense. To make sure that the folks that have credit challenges don’t give up hope. We can coach them to improve their credit.

Right Trac Financial Group Joe Petrowsky Joe Petrowsky, President
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Am licensed to do mortgages in 8 states:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Maine
  • New York and
  • Florida.

Will always protect the best interest of each and every borrower by qualifying them for a home and payment they can afford. Will assist each client through all credit issues, in order to improve their credit scores, which will always mean a better interest rate.


Thank you very much for helping us through our refinance process! We have used Right Trac for the purchase of our home and also a refinance a few years after the purchase of our home. We wouldn’t take our business elsewhere. Joe and his team are trustworthy, helpful, honest and knowledgeable! Due to the financial situation in the US it was in our best interest to go with a 15 year mortgage. We were not sure about taking on a 15 year rather than a 30 year. Joe sat with us and explained in detail the advantages of going with a 15 year! We went with the 15 year and we’re amazed at how much money we will save in interest! Thank you to Joe and his team for an amazing experience and I would recommend Right Trac to anyone looking to understand their mortgage and finances and better their financial future!  

Happy Holidays!

Thank you!

Michelle & David Hickey

It had always been a lifelong dream of mine to purchase a home and I didn’t know if I’d ever be in the position to achieve it. I had worked with 2 other mortgage brokers who were unable to help me before I was introduced to Joe and Apryl at Right Trac Financial. After telling Joe my story and all the negative feedback I had gotten he knew I was defeated but he told me, “Don’t worry Jazz, we will make this happen!” and that is exactly what he did! Joe was a man of his word and he and Apryl worked tooth and nail to make my home buying dream came true! They exercised great communication by checking in with me daily, they offered tremendous support and optimism to keep my spirits lifted throughout the whole process and were incredibly informative in making sure I understood the home buying process step-by-step as I was new to this kind of purchase. What other brokers had told me for months was impossible Joe and Apryl made possible in just 2 short months! The amount of appreciation and gratitude I have for Joe, Apryl & the Right Trac Financial team is insurmountable because without them my family and I would not have been able to purchase the home of our dreams! Thank you!

Jazz Coakley

Words can’t express how grateful Pat and I are for helping us out of a big mess.
When others turned us down you stepped up to the plate and hit a home run!
Our phone is getting lots of webs on it from lack of calls from collectors. I won’t miss them.
You were a pleasure to work with and when we get stressed, you walked us through it.
If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Again, thank you so much.

Best Ralph & Pat

Joe — had to recognize what a dear friend and humanitarian you are.

You helped us in so many ways I cannot express my appreciation to you fully. Suffice it to say that you did us a world of good and are already playing a key role in our future success.

Again, thank you for being the person you are. We are raving fans of Right Trac Financial and Joe Petrowsky . . . if ever we can repay the favor to you or, to someone you know and love, tell us . . . it will be our pleasure to adopt the attitude of service that you so beautifully live out each day of your time on earth.

We met Joe Petrowsky under dire circumstances. My boyfriend Ryan and I been working with a big bank for a month and a half trying to obtain a mortgage loan. I had a tricky employment situation at the time that I thought precluded me from easily obtaining a loan like that. Rest assured, the big bank told me, they dealt with people like me “all of the time” and that “things would be fine”. On our exact mortgage contingency date, our loan officer apologetically called to let us know our loan had been rejected.

We’d completed every step of the process, from inspection to appraisal, and after all of that work, the loan was reviewed by an actual underwriter 50 days after application, and was rejected based on the fact that it didn’t meet the bank’s basic employment criteria (two years worth of 1099s for a self-employed individual, which is standard for mortgage loans). In all reality, the person who filed the application should never have accepted me as an applicant in the first place.

Once rejected, we couldn’t let the idea of the house go. We felt if only we could find someone who could sink their teeth into the process (a phrase stolen from Joe) and get the final pieces of the job done.

We called Joe for the first time on a Friday afternoon. I couldn’t help but feel like he felt as serious as we did about the house after only five minutes of speaking with him. He then passed on his cell number to us, “in case you need me over the weekend” he said. Needless to say, by Sunday night I’d called Joe back and set up an appointment for first thing Monday morning.

We’ve been in our house for exactly one week. To say that all of this has yet to completely sink in is an understatement. In four weeks time, Joe, his daughter Jill, who expertly handled our loan paperwork, and succeeded in keeping me calm and sane, brought us from start of application to the closing table. The level of personal service and attention that we received was unparalleled.

Joe isn’t just an excellent mortgage broker, he’s an excellent businessman in the purest sense. He operates his company based on honesty, integrity and good old-fashioned hard work (and in our case, a healthy dose of problem solving). Joe’s vision is that anyone who wants to own a home can do so by moving forward with the right insight and determination (he offers both to his customers). Sounds so simple, but I know firsthand that one is hard pressed to find banks or other brokers operating off of these basic principles. Joe also made it easy to have some faith in him. After a few weeks into working with Joe, Ryan started saying, “Hey, remember, in Joe we trust” whenever I started to feel overwhelmed, and that phrase has stuck. Hard work and honesty, faith and trust in good people. Think of how the world would be different if all things were done the way Joe does mortgages!

Christina Rizzo

Joe and his team came through for a client of mine that had been turned down for a loan due to a status change in employment (from W2 to a 1099). Joe methodically assessed their situation and thought outside the box in how to get the job done BEFORE it was due! The situation restored my faith in the lending industry. It seems unconscionable there are credit-worthy Buyers who hit roadblocks and think they’re out of the game. I am so glad he was introduced as another option for my clients!”

Mary Beth Welsh, GRI, ABR, ASP

I can’t begin to say what a wonderful experience I had with Right Trac Financial Group! Working with Joe Petrowsky and Jill Petrowsky was a wonderful experience. Their expertise and their knowledge is superb!! I don’t have enough words to thank them for getting me on “The RIGHT track” and getting everything in order for me in such a short amount of time. I HIGHLY recommend Joe to anyone and everyone! There is no way I would be where I am today without their help!! Don’t think twice about seeking out advice or financial help from Right Trac Financial. I will always be grateful to Joe and Jill !!! They are #1 in my book !!!”

Pam Maynard

Joe is honest and efficient mortgage professional that I’ve ever met. He makes process for my clients very easy and painless. He is definitely the person who I will recommend to my family members and friends for any mortgage needs! Thank you Joe for being who you are and doing such a great job all the time!”

Olga Borsh

Joe has got to be one of, if not THE, most honest and helpful mortgage brokers I know. Of course he knows the ins and outs of the mortgage business like the back of his hand. Anyone can learn this. What sets Joe apart is his care for the client. He really seeks to understand the wants and needs of his clients so he can recommend the best solution for them – regardless of whether they originally expresses this or not.

He asks probing questions to understand the clients’ short-term and long term needs. He operate with integrity and will not do a mortgage if the person is qualified…or not qualified yet. He’d rather wait and do the right thing vs. having a client be in a very tenuous situation that may come back to bite them later.

He is also a master at finding creative solutions. Because he knows sooo much about the current programs, new programs and upcoming regulations. He is always looking out for the best interests of his clients and is always willing to help. He’s a true giver.”

Debbie Gartner

I referred to Joe a client with an FHA mortgage in Massachusetts who had previously been given conflicting (and incorrect) advise regarding their mortgage. Having a higher rate they wanted to take advantage of the rate environment and refinance. Joe educated them on all of the in’s and out’s of their mortgage program, explained that refinancing would increase their mortgage insurance and that it would not make sense for them right now. He advised them on when the right time to reconsider refinancing for them would be. I immediately received a phone call from my client thanking me for the introduction to Joe, how comfortable they felt with him, appreciative of the information and relieved that they now have no uncertainties or questions and a plan moving forward.

I know that in referring a client Joe, he is going to do the best and right thing for the client above all else. Additionally, the clients will be pleased, educated and comforted through the process.

Thank you Joe!”

Daniel Tarbell

Joe Petrowsky is the best person to have on your side when going through a mortgage process, His due diligence and attention to detail provides his clients with beyond top notch service that is complemented by his strong network of professionals ready to assist if needed. When Joe is working for you, you have the best working on your behalf.

I would reccomend anybody looking to get a mortgage or refinance to speak with Joe Petrowsky,his years of experience will get you the best mortgage for your needs.”

Steve Bennett

OMG if anyone wanted to meet and work with a person of intergity – Joe is one of them!!!! In today’s world they are far and few between. Joe cares about people and the things that affect their lives. If he can make it better, he does. He is just an unbelieveable human being!!!!!!

Catherine Contessa

You can tell Joe has a kind and caring heart the instant you meet him. By the end of your first meeting, you’ll realize you’re talking to an expert. Maybe artist is a better word than expert. This is a man who has carefully spent years perfecting his craft. He’s the most effective real estate professional I’ve ever met, and probably the nicest guy in the world.

Thank you for everything Joe!

John Demma

“I highly recommend Joe Petrowsky as a mortgage banker. He understands the details and the importance of timing while working on a transaction team.

Client’s trust and confidence are important factors to have and I believe that Joe Petrowsky has these qualities and works to get the transaction closed, successfully.

I advise my clients to go through the preapproval process, prior to looking at homes. You need to know your numbers and also, what programs that may be available to you that will save you money. Be sure to contact Joe, today, to begin your home purchasing process. He will be happy to meet with you and provide me with a solid preapproval letter to better assist us with our home purchase negotiations, going forward.


Fran Rokicki

Joe Petrowsky a Real Estate Renaissance Man
Often times the greatest judge of a man is the people who know him…
Ask any Real Estate Professional in New England and beyond, and they will tell you that Joe is the man to count on when the going gets tough.

Ask a Real estate agent, they will tell you how Joe can take a deserving buyer with a difficult situation and Joe will find a solution, and get them the best loan for their new home. Joe also built a successful Real Estate Brokerage, he knows how to best deal with the many complications that all agents encounter and can help to find solutions to every situation.
Ask another Mortgage Professional, they will tell you that when they have a situation that is beyond their expertise, they send it to Joe because they know he is a man with solutions.

Ask an investor, they know that Joe is a seasoned investor himself and he can not only find the capital for their investments, but he can advise and coach them through the many pitfalls and opportunities they will encounter.
Ask Joe’s family, they will tell you that he is a kind and loving husband and father who cares for them and leads them to do great things.

Ask Joes community, of Manchester where he serves those in need whether they are on the Board of Directors or the local Soup Kitchen where you will find Joe and his family serving those in need, even on Christmas Day.
Ask me, I will tell you that Joe is a wise and good man who I can count on for wise advice in almost any area and I feel fortunate to call him a friend.

Bob Crane
Woodland Management Service
1925 Elk St
Stevens Point, WI 54481

“I was referred to Joe from a friend and for this I am grateful. Joe is compassionate and an expert in his field. He made me feel at ease under difficult circumstances. My husband and I can’t thank him enough.
We need more “Joe’s” in this world.”

J. Renee Irvin, CMPE, CPC, CEMC, CHCC, CPMSM-R has recommended your work as Owner at Right Trac Financial Group, Inc.

Joe, What I’ve come to appreciate about you, is that I can always count on you for accurate and current information.

Too many people think they know what they are talking about, and they don’t. When it comes to financing and HUD properties, you’re my GO TO person. You are highly effective and competent in what you do.

Thanks for teaching us all, especially Realtors in other States, all there is to know that’s really, really important.” -Patricia Feager

Dear Joe,
“My principle and mission in doing business “is to provide the best quality service to my clients.”

Therefore, I refer clients to a service provider who reflects and embodies the same principle and mission as it is an extension of what I pledge to do. “To watch out for my clients’ best interest.”

Joe Petrowsky does not only embrace the same level of quality service a professional should exert for the clients. He also provides unparalleled expertise in the mortgage industry to furnish the clients information and options so that the clients can make a better decision.

I will highly recommend clients to Joe Petrowsky as I do believe that they we will be in good hands.
Sincerely, Maria

I have known Joe for over 25 years. I have represented him as a client and I have been a client of Right Trac Financial myself. There is no one who can match Joe’s abilities, talent, skills and his deep down desire to help people gain or retain homeownership and the “American Dream”. I have seen Joe at his most creative when folks have hit hard times — Joe finds a way to obtain financing for them and to get the job done. Joe cares, Joe understands, Joe will provide all the time and effort needed to get a deal done. He works hard to get a deal done in a timely fashion. Joe cares about his clients and he puts his all into the task before him, always full of encouragement, honesty, integreity and sincereity.” -Randy Kirsch

Joe Petrowsky is one of the best. He brings a level of experience, intelligence and sophistication to his approach that is really unmatched. Joe seems to thrive on the most difficult transactions, and it’s obvious to those who know him that he has been through it all! But perhaps most importantly, I can tell Joe places the greatest value on providing a high level of service to his borrowers and improving their overall financial situtation through the loan process. When we sit down for closing, I can always see that his advice and counsel throughout the loan process is truly appreciated by his borrowers. On my own and on behalf of all of those happy borrowers, I am happy to endorse Joe Petrowsky.” -Jason Doucette

I highly recommend Joe Petrowsky for your home purchasing and refinancing services. Joe has provided his mortgage services for me personally. I have also witnessed Joe’s superlative work, knowledge of the industry and high integrity first hand over a 5yr period when I worked for a Mortgage lender that did business with his company. He is One of the Few that do it The Right Way.” – Avery Askew

I write to recommend Joe Petrowsky for all of your mortgage and re-financing needs. In my career as an attorney, I had the opportunity to work with numerous folks in the mortgage and re-fiance arena whose only goals appeared to be moving volume. Joe is the rare exception. Joe is the consummate professional. Joe is thoughtful, thorough, sensitive, caring, and kind. He communicates deeply and thoroughly. His knowledge is detailed and extensive. His goal is to provide personal, individual attention, to craft customized solutions. And he succeeds. In the work I do now with business leaders and entrepreneurs, I feel absolutely confident referring and entrusting clients to Joe’s expert care. Regardless of your challenges or situation, you want to seek out Joe Petrowsky for all of your mortgage and refinance solutions.” – Walt Hampton

I am an attorney who represents, among other clients, homeowners in foreclosure, or behind in their mortgages, or simply may want a better deal. I started recommending Joe to clients back in 2009 and he has invariably come up with honest and creative solutions to their given circumstances. Joe’s combination of experience and resourcefulness is top of the line and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a mortgage.” – Kevin Burns

Whether you are buying your first home, or you’re looking to refinance an existing mortgage, the process can be an emotional roller coaster. For so many of us, this is likely the most important purchase we’ll ever make. No one recognizes that more than Joe and it’s why I place my trust in him with my clients. Joe is committed to ensuring his customers have all of the information they need to make an educated decision and that their financial goals are met as well – he takes the fear and doubt out of the process which really puts people at ease.” – Steve Burlingame

The one word that comes to mind when I think or speak of Joe Petrowsky is “Nonpareil” which means second to none. Joe maintains ALL attributes in a person that you would want to know professionally and personally. I first met Joe in 2003 when I was thinking of refinancing my mortgage and before I knew it the refinance was done and I was on a quicker path of owning my home. I’ve kept in touch over the years and his ongoing advice has proved positive in the decisions I’ve made. I find myself once again utilizing Joe’s services (2011/2012) and know that my next financial decisions will be towards the right direction during these economic times.” – Mary Beth Rossi

I first worked with Joe in 2007 when he helped tax clients of mine with refinancing an IRS liened property. He was professional, explained things clearly to my clients and also worked effectively through a tricky matter. It’s not easy to address financing when there are IRS liens, and Joe didn’t let this deter him. He was a great team player on this project.” – Attorney, Ann E. Brookes Attorney

I can’t even begin to express how much praise needs to go out to this Company. Buying a home is not an easy process no matter the situation, especially in this market. I have to say that my scenario was a difficult one to deal with and all of the patience that came with Jill, surely did not go unnoticed. Jill always kept me informed, she was thorough & never missed a step. She was always available for a phone call even after business hours. I can’t thank her more for all of her efforts & patience that went into putting my mortgage together. Meeting with Joe in the beginning eased my doubts & really encouraged me to get what I wanted. Thank You again for all of your hard work.” – Stephanie Impionbato

Joe is the right guy to refer your clients to. His customer service philosophy ensures that your clients are well informed about the mortgage process and results in a closing. Joe has helped obtain mortgages that other have been unable to get.” – Rick Bernstein, Owner, Richard J Bernstein CPA

I have referred many clients in need of mortgage related services to Joe for assistance. His knowledge in this field is extensive and I would retain Joe as my own mortgage broker should the need ever arise.” – Robert Young, Attorney, Law Office Of Robert B Young

Joe puts the “E” in Expert. We greatly appreciated the depth of the knowledge he shared with us when preparing to buy our first multi-family house. In a very short amount of time we learned valuable and honest information that continues to help us as we prepare to buy another home in the near future (we WILL be working with Joe again). Joe is a great person to work with and a trusted adviser as we currently venture into a new territory, owning and operating a family business. I’m inspired by and enjoy his wit, charisma and dedication to others moving forward in positive ways. From the day I met Joe Petrowsky I’ve recommended him highly and will continue to do so. – Dawn Greenfield

I have known Joe since 2002. For a number of years I worked at Right Trac Financial and Joe was my mentor providing advice and knowledge about the mortgage industry. I was able to witness how Joe treated all Right Trac clients with the utmost of respect, with integrity and created innovative solutions that had a positive impact on improving the lives of his clients. When I took a position as a mortgage wholesaler, Joe became a highly valued client. Joe has high integrity and morals, a strong work ethic and a sterling reputation in the industry. There was never a question with his paperwork or documentation to support the requested loan amount. Over the years I have had the opportunity to refer numerous clients to Joe and Right Trac Financial. Each and everyone have had positive experiences and were very pleased with the way in which they were taken care of by Joe and Right Trac Financial. In today’s crazy constantly changing mortgage financing environment, Joe is the person to call on to get the job done correctly with long lasting positive results for his clients. I highly recommend Joe if you need a mortgage, are thinking about refinancing your current mortgage or are in need of mortgage financing advice.” Expert, High Integrity, Creative – Carlo Carlozzi, Jr.