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The Positive Impact of Word of Mouth Referrals

In the marketing world, it can sometimes be hard to reach out and meet the right person. When cold calling on a prospective client, it can be nearly impossible. This can be a roadblock somewhat discouraging, especially if there is not an opportunity to overcome it. You may find yourself questioning your approach. “What am I doing wrong? Are my services pertinent to this prospect?” DO NOT go down this rabbit hole! A suggestion, chances are this person is very busy when in their office and is probably approached five to ten times a week by sales people. These people do not have the time to meet with every cold caller. When they need a service, they most likely have trusted vendors or strategic partners they rely upon. This is where the word of mouth referral comes into play. Find a previous client that may know your prospect and leverage your service to them and have them speak of your services and their experience working with you. This will give you some extra credibility with this prospect, and may allow you to sit down with him or her. If someone your prospect knows has used your services , it is almost as though you have gone through a vetting process. At this moment , you begin to separate yourself from the rest of the pack. Another way to establish some more visibility with your prospect is to learn about some organizations that person may be involved in. You may get an opportunity to speak to them in a more relaxed, social atmosphere, without disturbing their day at the office. With BNI , you have the ability to give and receive word of mouth referrals. With regular participation, you are also separating yourself from the pack and have other trusted professionals speaking on your behalf. The word of mouth referral is a strong endorsement of what you have to offer. Take advantage of this strength whenever possible, you will be surprised what opportunities can come when someone else sell you!

What BNI has done for me

I work for a company that gives me the ability to help people when they are faced with disasters. I have learned a lot about sincere empathy and still manage to produce results that truly help people during and after a loss situation. I have always enjoyed being a person that can be counted on. I want every opportunity to show people that I can be your “go to guy.” If I don’t have the answer or ability to directly help, I know someone that can. That is what BNI has done for me. BNI has reinforced the “what you give is what you get” philosophy I grew up with. It has also put me in contact with professionals that can be counted on. BNI has also given me the confidence to be more assertive in helping people. Without the experience of BNI, I still might be a little shy around people and not put myself out there. That is why I love my chapter and made a commitment to my fellow members to grow our group and really achieve the success we are all looking for. If you were to tell me five years ago that I would be president of anything, I probably would have laughed. Now I look forward to the weekly honor of being the “go to guy” for a group of enthusiastic professionals.
Steve Bennett – President