The Responsibility of, I TRUST JOE

I learned to word trust and what it means early on in my childhood. My parents used to use the statement, “Don’t dirty the steps to this home”. That was there was to teach us, the only thing you can consider yours, is your “WORD”, without that, you have nothing.

I never forgot that lesson of trust and keeping your word, so when you have earned someone’s trust never take it for granted or take advantage of it.

Hi Joe,

It’s Susy. I wanted to have a few things clarified for me. First, I wanted to know how much exactly was I approved for on the loan. For some reason I thought $125, and depending on the price of the home how much would I be looking at as far as a monthly mortgage payment. Including of course the Insurance payment. Also, what would be the rate of the loan? I know you must have told me this when we met but I was so happy I didn’t compute anything in my brain. Therefore, when my husband asked I was like uh let me find out. LOL. Also,  I believe you said the seller can pay closing cost and we would be responsible for inspector and appraisal, correct? I know it’s a lot of questions but I know you have the answers and you have always been so helpful. I told my husband  “I TRUST JOE.”

p.s  I referred a co-worker of mine to you. Her name is Jeannine. I told her she is in good hands 🙂

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  1. I have known Joe for about 20 years, and would trust him with anything! He has re-financed my home multiple times so that I could take advantage of the lower rates and be able to save money. By paying the same amount as the old mortgage payment, I can even pay off my house sooner. Trustable is a great way to describe Joe!


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